Worklife Professionals

Worklife Professionals in Charlotte

Christian professionals are making a difference in Charlotte by bringing the Kingdom of God to their small business, their organization, their peers, their cubicle field, their boardroom, their workplace setting no matter what the context.

There are informal networks forming in Fortune 500 companies where people within a company are networking, finding and supporting one another as they bring the Kingdom of God there.

There are professionals within various vocational callings who are asking what would it look like if the Kingdom of God was being lovingly advanced in our industry.

There are Christian CEOs, Entrepenuers and established leaders seekign to lead toward the Kingdom.  There are young professionals seeking to work toward things greater than earthly fame or gain.

There are Christian professionals trying to move their entire church toward becoming Workplace Transforming churches.

God is doing all of this in our city.  He has a plan for Charlotte and a plan for the marketplace of Charlotte.

We are seeking to be a useful part of his plan as we work together.

Please contact us if you want to join us and work to bring the Kingdom of God to your sphere of influence.  The Charlotte Workplace Ministry Network is here to help.


CEO Leadership on Faith and Work

This CEO has a well articulated view of how faith and the power of prayer works in his personal life and in his work life.