Training & Tools

Christian professionals want training and it can be provided from a variety of sources.  Listed below are 4 categories of Workplace Ministry Training that members of the Charlotte Worklife Network can serve you with.  Each can be tailored to meet your needs.
On-line Workplace Ministry Training Center

Workplace Professionals can get training 365/24/7 through this on-line training center.   Over 100 Web Seminars and downloadable tools that can be used by individuals, groups, churches, and companies.

Church Workplace Ministry Training

Church workplace ministry training is available in a variety of forms for churches that desire to become Workplace Impacting Churches.   Workshops, Seminars, Small Groups, Lecture Series and church consultations are all available from the members of the Charlotte Worklife Network.

Company Workplace Minsitry Training

No matter the size of your company there is Faith at Work training that is available for you.   Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Mid-Size Companies and even Fortune 500 companies can benefit from the expertise of the various members of the Charlotte Worklife Network.   From situations where Christian CEOS and owners can help establish and create the atmosphere to the opposite end of the equation where young professionals in their 20s and 30s are working in a Fortune 500 culture where there is no support or endorsement from the top.  This network is here to serve you.

Leadership Training

The Charlotte Worklife Network truly as some experts in the area of leadership training and development.   Everything from young professionals wanting to be trained and equipped as emerging leaders, to entrepreneur and small business trainig, to established leaders in medium and large sized companies, to high level executive leadership development and coaching.  Members of this network would be delighted to serve you in whatever training needs you, your team or organization may need.   Please contact to share your needs or to learn more.

God’s Purposes for Charlotte Training

A speciality training we offer is the inspirational story of Charlotte’s history and God’s purposes for Charlotte as a city going forward.  This training can inspire churches, civic organizations, and companies to realize there is a reason they are living and operating out of Charlotte at this very time.   It is not an accident that you and your organization are in Charlotte and God has purposes for your being here, for your company and industry and for our city overall.   We would love to serve you in this area of understanding.

Workplace Ministry Training Center
Get started now…. Join thousands of individuals around the world who have used this training center for 365/24/7 equipping.

Workplace Ministry Prayer Tools
Prayer is the starting point for everything.  A first step to exploring more of how God is leading you is becoming a person of prayer.  Here are several Prayer Tools that you can download and begin to use in your personal life.

Church Workplace Training (formerly His Church at Work) is a national resource to churches that are serious about becoming Workplace Impacting Churches.

The Charlotte Worklife Network works in close association with them.  You can contact us to express your desires, but we are also listing here their web address.  You can exlpore first hand their cutting edge approach of finding your Work Life Rhythm using their Maestro tool.

Additionally, when requested they have enterprise level resources to help churches make an entire paradigm shift in thinking…. Here are some samples from the past of this approach and process.

Samples of Church Transformation