Labor Day Initiative

Redeeming Gods View of Work – Labor Day Initiative

The Big Idea

Dozens of Charlotte area churches lifting up God’s view of work on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.

No extra time commitments or meetings needed

Only requires a pastor / church leader to feel aligned to the vision of doing something related to worklife Labor Day weekend.

Does not require extra time from a pastor or church staff as it would simply be whatever the pastor and his team feel they want to do on that Sunday morning in regards to highlighting God’s heart for our worklife.

Potential Impact
If a coalition of churches commit to having this emphasis on Labor Day weekend, we could anticipate seeing some/all of these outcomes:

To the community

  • Church as relevant – speaking to the world of worklife
  • Church as unified – showing a John 17:21 unity just by being on the same page on a topic of importance
  • Church as engaged – aligning to this emphasis together has the possibility of creating a broader conversation in the community
  • Church as diversified – many denominations and backgrounds on a central message
  • Church as surprising – world expects the church to have unified emphasis at Christmas, Easter, Ministering to the Poor, Family, Parenting, Giving, but to be unified on Labor Day on God’s view of work will be a surprise.

To the churches members

  • Church Leadership gets my world – less than 2% of Christians say they have ever heard a sermon on their work.  70% say they would like this.
  • Church endorses me as an Ambassador to my workplace
  • Church equips me to be effective Kingdom worker where I spend most of my time.

Redeeming Labor Flyer and Simple Ideas PDF


Pastor to Pastor

Two minute video, Pastor to Pastor on Redeeming Labor Day.

Rev. Dave Scott on Redeeming Labor Day