Why the Workplace?

God is at work in the workplaces of America.  When you seriously consider where Christian believers can have signficant life impact for the Kingdom it becomes obvious that it just might be where they spend most of their awake time in any given week.  The workplace.

Usually this means 40 or more hours a week.   Interacting with Christians and non-Christians alike and putting God’s glory on display through all of the successes and trials that occur in the workplace.

Billy Graham, Henry Blackaby, George Barna, Ed Silvoso, numerous other Christian Leaders, Business Leaders and Academic Leaders – all believe that there is a great stirring of God in the marketplace that will only grow further in size and scope.

This lays out the need for a new kind of workplace believer – one who is Working for Kingdom purposes in the workplace and is able to lead others toward God’s vision for their world of work and for the marketplaces of America and the world.


The Charoltte Worklife Network is a collaboration between local business and civic leaders, church leaders, and workplace ministries to encourage;1) the value of work as a calling,
2) the increase of faith and work integration,
3) personal and community transformation in Charlotte. 


To provide an environment for local leaders to work together toward personal & community transformation by

1. Encouraging the value of work calling (the value of the work itself & the ministry opportunities it provides).

2. Increasing awareness of opportunities to be trained and equipped by worklife ministries in Charlotte for greater Kingdom impact.

3. Increasing awareness of (and participation in) the Charlotte Awake city reaching network and other collaborative networks.


Desired Outcomes

By working together with leaders, churches and ministries in Charlotte, we desire to see growth in the:

# of Christian Professionals that are trained and equipped to be Kingdom leaders in the workplace.

# of City Influencers (key business & community leaders and executives) who desire to work toward the Kingdom and toward these objectives.

# of Worklife Small Groups in Charlotte that are training, equipping, and encouraging believers

# of Workplace Chaplains that are serving companies and organizations

# of Pastors in Charlotte who have committed to encourage involvement in worklife ministry

# of Charlotte Churches involved in the City Transformation initiatives like the Charlotte Awake network and others, as they cultivate  collaborative environments

# of Lives being transformed through the recognition of the power of Jesus Christ in their worklife

# of Improving social indicators in Charlotte that reflect signs of community transformation

# of Public indications that give glory and gratitude to God for transformation in Charlotte


A significant disconnect has occurred

Many Christians in the workplace (at all levels of leadership) feel like second class citizens when compared to full-time ministers. Many see little or no spiritual purpose for their work life. They live a compartmentalized faith content to unplug and coast through a spiritually neutral work week. They have a growing discontent with this disconnect..

A significant response is required

God has called the Church to work together to disciple, equip, and mobilize His people, including their work life. He has designed and gifted various parts of the Body so it can affirm people’s role in the greater story He is telling and help them steward the personal ministry opportunities their vocational lives bring them on a daily basis.


Significant transformation is possible

If Christians in the workplace were plotted on a map, we would quickly realize our significant presence in the community – an opportunity for transformation. Unfortunately, most of these people feel disconnected from the Church at the very point of their greatest opportunity for impact: their work. The sum total of this influence represents a significant opportunity to grow churches and reclaim influence in our community.


Charlotte Worklife Network – pdf

Use this link to access a one page pdf version of these purposes, objectives, and desired outcomes.

Charlotte Worklife Network – 1 pg pdf