City Transformation

City Transformation

There are spheres in society that guide a culture toward good or toward evil.   If a community is to be transformed for the good, then these 7 areas must be influenced toward the good. This requires that Christians be trained and equipped to be difference makers in each of these seven spheres.

  1. Business,
  2. Government
  3. Media
  4. Arts and Entertainment
  5. Education
  6. Family
  7. Religion

When we are working together with other like minded individuals and groups for the good of the Kingdom, then community and national transformation can take place.

We believe that the Charlotte Worklife Network can serve to foster connections and to bring catalytic change in each of these areas.   Our strongest influence will be in the area of Business, Government, Media, Entertainment, as well as Religion (as churches become Workplace Impacting Churches). Our relational network will bring trained and equipped leaders into the spheres of Education and Family as well.

As you can imagine, there are many subgroups under these main categories.   We find that this list of seven serves as the broad starting point to frame the conversation.


Charlotte Awake

Charlotte Awake was birthed from the need to see dramatic change in the Charlotte-Metrolina Region toward church unity and accountability.

Coming together with a Prayer, Care and Share strategy, this is being accomplished by involving major ministries, local churches and pastors, lay leadership, major businesses and other non-profi ts. Charlotte Awake will be a catalyst for transformation.

Foundational components to the success of the network are:

  • Prayer – Experiencing God through a Citywide Great Awakening birthed in prayer
  • Care – Uniting the resources of Charlotte to meet the needs of the people
  • Share – Igniting community transformation, block by block, one heart at a time

Charlotte – Knowing Our City
To be a key leader that God uses in our city whether you have a title or position or not, it is key to know the history, people, and potential of our city as well as God’s Vision for it.

Here are some resources that will help you toward this goal.

Charlotte Ranking Summary

Charlotte – Praying for Our City
Another vital key to city transformation is praying for our city.  Here are some prayer resources that will help you be a person of prayer for this place we call home.

Charlotte Center City Prayer Walk Guide