Worklife Churches

Worklife Churches of Charlotte
Here is a listing of all the churches in Charlotte who have indicated they are on the journey of becoming full scale workplace impacting churches:

What is a Worklife Church?
As churches assess where they find themselves on this continuum, they should be able to answer that 80 to 90% of the statements at each level as mostly true of their church.

 Level 1 – Workplace Encouraging Church

  • occasional sermon illustrations that apply to work life
  • promotion of events in the workplace
  • raising awareness of workplace equipping ministries to their members
  • prayer for members as they minister in the workplace
  • Vision for their members that their calling to the workplace is as holy as any calling into vocational ministry – there is no sacred and secular divide.

Level 2 – Workplace Ministering Church

  • Level 1 +
  • One Workplace Sermon during the year
  • Workplace ministry resources that are made available to members at certain spots during the year
  • Key members who have been cultivated to view work as a calling

Level 3 – Workplace Impacting Church

  • Level 1 and Level 2 +
  • A few workplace sermons during the year
  • Regular workplace applications throughout the year
  • A church staff and leadership team that has bought into the Work is a Calling paradigm.
  • Intentional reminder of workplace calling for members
  • Annual Redeeming Labor Day Experience
  • Workplace Ministry Resource Center at the church
  • Workplace Ministry Workshop, Seminar, Event during the year for the men’s ministry, women’s ministry, young adult ministry or church at large.
  • Training structure for equipping members in workplace impact
  • Vision that every member has a workplace ministry the only question is what kind of ministry is it.

Level 4 – Workplace Transforming Church

  • Level 1,2,3
  • Helps foster connections with believers to reach companies and industries
  • Strong partnership and connection to workplace ministries in the community
  • Helping recruit other churches to become Workplace Impacting Churches
  • Staff member or key leader who has a part time role as Workplace equipping pastor
  • Mentoring and equipping process for young professionals.
  • Training for Senior High students on vocation and calling
  • A broader view of working together with workplace ministries and other churches for city transformation.

Contact us about Workplace Training for Churches
Use the form on the “About Us” page to contact us about Workplace Training for Churches or about being listed ast a Worklife Church.

Pastors Testimonies
Here are several short videos under 2 minutes in length that speak to the vision and power of a Worklife Transforming Church.

Sr.Pastor Vic Penz – Transformational Paradigm
Sr.Pastor Bill Bohline – Greatest Impact in 25 years
Sr.Pastor Tim Hawkes – Equipping for Workplace Impact
Sr.Pastor Leith Anderson – Reaching Tens of Thousands
Sr.Pastor David Loveless – Workplace a mechanism for Spiritual Formation
Sr Pastor David Loveless – Workplace Transformation in Your Workplace
Dr. Vic Penz – Tranforming Churches from Cruise Ships to Aircraft Carriers
Dr. Henry Blackaby – Church and Societal Transformation

Three Part Sermon Series on Work
The follow links are from Discovery Church in Orlando Florida.  Each sermon is a webstreamed video and below each sermon is a note taking outline that goes along with the sermon.
WorkLife Sermon 1 – God’s View of Work – 40m

WorkLife Handout 1 – God’s View of Work

WorkLife Sermon 2 – The Challenges of Work – 40m

WorkLife Handout 2 – The Challenges of Work

WorkLife Sermon 3 – The Opportunities of Work – 40m

WorkLife Handout 3 – The Opportunities of Work

WorkLife Interview – Author Bill Peel – 14m

Helping the Local Church

If you desire to become a workplace transforming church, we would be happy to help.  The local experitise of these Charlotte Worklife Ministries combined with the tools and resources and change process of (formerly His Church at Work) can help any church take steps toward workplace transformation.